trados studio 2022 verify still have problems, not reliable

the term in the terms bases : MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS      外交部

"verify" of trados studio  has set to report-error for non usage of the target term. 

But trados studio 2022 did not report error. 

The inconsistency and inaccuracy will cause serious translation quality problems. 

Please fix the unreliable "verify" problem in trados studio 2024. 

Screenshot of Trados Studio with a message window showing an error: 'Sentence was translated inconsistently compared to segment 31. Warning: Initial capitalization problem detected.' A term 'MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS' is highlighted in the Term Recognition pane.

Screenshot of Trados Studio's verification settings window with 'Check for possible non-usage of the target terms' set to 'Error'. The term 'MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS' is displayed in the Term Recognition pane without an error indication.

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