Studio Subtitling - Verification (CPS/CPL/WPS/number of lines) not working


I have been working with Subtitling - SubRip files for several months without any issue. Today, trying to reopen Studio after the Christmas break, the Subtitling part of verification (anything linked to subtitle length) is not working (not showing warnings and error). I have opened project and file settings, checked that all verification parameters were correct and ticked in subtitling, as well as in given language pair.

Any idea on how I can fix this?

Many thanks.

Studio 2021/Subtitling/SubRip


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  • Hi ,

    Can you please confirm if you have updated Studio when you last opened it after Christmas break? 

    Also, please open project Settings and go to Verification and see if you have set there, in the individual verifiers?

    Also in the Verification settings of Studio Subtitling?


  • Hello Oana,

    Thanks for your reply. All was indeed checked in the projet settings (and I also double checked the file settings, to be on the safe side). At the time, I hadn't updated Studio.

    I spent quite a few hours over the weekend trying to fix it as I really do need to start working on the project. I ended up offloading Studio completely and installing SR2 directly, offloading Subtitling and all linked plug§ins and installing everything from scratch. It still had not fixed the issue.

    What actually fixed it was deactivation Studio Subtitling Verifier from the Verification settings in file settings. Closing the file, project and studio. Reopening everything and ticking Studio Subtitling Verifier from the Verification settings in project settings. 

    I guess an equivalent of turning off and back on... A good 6 hours wasted total trying to fix the issue...

    Thanks for your reply.


  • This is not a permanent fix. The problem remains. I have to do this every time I close Studio. Definitely not stable.

  • Thank you for the details.

    If the settings are not preserved, please check if you have a project template that you use when you open new projects, this usually overwrites the existing settings. In addition, please create a new project with the default settings and add the file and setup the Verification settings in the Subtitle verification option. Confirm with OK, then close the project and open it again and check if the settings were preserved.

    Let me know how it goes please!


  • Thanks Oana, I'll try on the next project. It's just that my agency sends pre-set packages and that's never happened before. All the parameters are already in place. 

    I'll let you know next week.