Interested to join the European Trados User Group?

Dear MultiTrans users,

Today, I am contacting you as member of the steering committee of European Trados User Group (ETUG).

Since 2002, the ETUG has been a forum for users of SDL translation tools, allowing them to meet other users, exchange their experiences with the SDL tools and get to know other users' translation workflows and solutions. The forum works together with SDL to improve the SDL products in such a way that all users benefit the most. Members are able to receive privileged information from SDL concerning new products and support.

We currently have over 80 member organisations, each having a significant number of users, and therefore able to present a strong influence in our interactions with SDL. Members represent many different industries, international and government organisations as well as translation agencies. They have a good working knowledge of the SDL tools and have often developed their own processes and workflows incorporating these tools.

We hold an annual conference to promote the exchange of information between SDL users. SDL representatives (including product managers) are present throughout the conference, giving members the opportunity to ask questions and obtain information on the newest SDL developments.
The ETUG conference is different from other SDL roadshows or conference since no sales persons are present. It is organised by the users, for the users.

Since the MultiTrans suite of tools now belongs to the SDL portfolio, we would be happy to welcome MultiTrans users as new ETUG members.

All companies or organizations that use SDL translation tools intensively and on a large scale are eligible to become members of the ETUG. As a rule of thumb, this means they should employ server products. Guest speakers are often invited to the annual conference to present new interesting topics that could benefit the ETUG members.

If you're interested in becoming an ETUG member, and would like to participate in the next conference, do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Laurent Pierret
ETUG Membership secretary
p.p. ETUG Steering Committee