Batch Task “Pretranslate”/ ”Word Count” API call fails randomly

After migrating to Trados Studio 2021 from SDL Trados Studio 2017, we have come across the following major issue in the implementation of our automated processes (using the Trados public APIs):

Batch Task “Pretranslate”/ ”Word Count”: randomly fails with the following exception:

“Unexpected exception when configuring file multiFileConverter for task 'Word Count': Failed to create an instance of translation provider 'sdltm.XXX/

“Unexpected exception when configuring file multiFileConverter for task 'Pre-translate Files': Failed to create an instance of translation provider 'sdltm.file:///P:/PathToTheTM/nameOfTheTm.sdltm'..”


This issue has been replicated on our side using a simple Filebased Project with 2 simple docx translatable files, an empty FileBased TM while running the batch task “Pretranslate” on a loop.


As you can see, this problem occurs both with FileBased and ServerBased TMs.

Through trial-and-error, we have noticed the following:

  • The problem occurs only with projects that have more than one translatable file.
  • The problem does not occur if the batch task is applied for each translatable file separately.
  • The problem will occur after running the task a couple of times. The first few times the task is run, there is no issue.
  • Once the problem occurs, it keeps occurring until either a long time has gone by or the PC is rebooted (even if after the problem occurs we try to run the batch task for each file separately).

Details of the Exception fetched From Visual Studio:



  Message=Index was outside the bounds of the array.



   at Sdl.Core.PluginFramework.ObjectRegistry`2.CreateObjects()


  This exception was originally thrown at this call stack:

    Sdl.Core.PluginFramework.ObjectRegistry<TExtensionAttribute, TExtensionType>.CreateObjects()


This is a serious issue with a major negative impact on our productivity.
Can anyone from RWS give me an official answer on what to do? This was working perfectly fine until the upgrade to Trados 2021.
Is this going to be fixed soon on an upcoming update?
Is there a way to circumvent the problem in the meantime?

Thank you in advance!

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