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  • 64-bit version of Studio

    • Under Community Review on
    Please create a 64-bit version of Studio. At present only a 32-bit version is available, and therefore it can theoretically only access 2-3GB of system memory, meaning that upgrading your machine with more memory then this does not have any beneficial...
  • Source file System field in SDLTMs

    • Under Community Review on
    Hi, Creating a new idea just for the Source file System field in Studio. Please do consider having a Source file system field in SDLTMs which capture at least the file where that segment was first created. Filepath and name would be ideal but filename...
  • TM Management Tool

    • Under Community Review on
    With client's TMs growing bigger every year, it is inevitable to have obsolete segments, old terminology, incosistencies, etc., which pollute TMs over time. In order to maintain the quality of TMs it is crucial that SDL develops a tool to perform TM managment...
  • File types and filters for Graphics

    • Idea Delivered on
    Would it be possible to develop File Types for Illustrator (.ai, .eps) and Photoshop (.psd)? Tech Delivery has multiple projects where has to use external tools (which are not perfect and time-consuming) to export text from Graphics (Illustrator and Photoshop...
  • Multiple termbases for term verification

    • Under Community Review on
    • 1 Comment
    It would be nice if we could use multiple termbases for term verification.
  • Show character count for selected text (also across segments)

    • Under Community Review on
    Until now Studio is showing character count only for active target segment (after last update without spaces, but this is different topic). It would be nice to also display character count for selected text only (+ enable this even across segments).
  • Get rid of the information message "This project has already been opened"

    • Under Community Review on
    • 1 Comment
    Just make the project active instead of showing this message.
  • Enable shortcuts for all formatting options

    • Idea Delivered Partially on
    Currently, Studio support for formatting shortcuts are somewhat limited. It would be great if we could enable creation of custom shortcuts for all formatting types, especially those under the Quick insert tags, such as highlighting. Example. Currently...
  • Shortcut to select all shown segments in one go

    • Idea Delivered on
    Our competitor allows you to select all segments by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+A. In Studio however, you have to click, scroll, shift and click. Why not a shortcut for this?
  • Target language selector in the new project wizard, auto-substitution settings and some other remarks

    • Under Community Review on
    Dear community, I am writing this message, since we are about to migrate to SDL Trados Studio 2019 and noticed some issues that we would like to share with you. On the one hand, the new language selector for the target languages in the project wizard...