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Problem with MT Enhanced PlugIn - The format of value '<null>' is invalid

Hi everyone,

we are currently trying to use the MT Enhanced Plugin together with Microsoft Translator. I can configure the plugin with no problems. The Translator Key from MS Translator also seems to be accepted. However, when trying to pre-populate segments with MT output, the following error message is shown: 

The format of value '<null>' is invalid.

I tried different files, but I always get this message. I am using Studio 2019 SR2 - and Version of the MT Enhanced Plugin.

Any help or advice on this would be much appreciated. 



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  • Hi Frank,

    I was waiting to see if you updating would help.

    Anyway... I created a video with your files creating a project with pre-translation and into four target languages.  I have no problems as you can see so I think you either need to upgrade, or maybe the region does have something to do with this.  Have yo tried changing it?  Mine is set to North Europe but I don't really know what difference it makes and it's so long ago when I set this up I am definitely not an expert!