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term recognition only shows target term results for the default termbase when multiple termbases are added to a project

Dear SDL 2019 users,


From time to time I have this issue where only the first(default) termbase displays the target term but not the second termbase in a Studio project, like the screenshots shown below.   

Since this does not happen to all of my Studio projects, I wonder if this is related to the termbases I used (some of them were created a few years ago).  What can I try so that both termbases would display terms normally?

By the way, the sample termbase in the screenshot was created today for testing purposes.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



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  • Hi,

    what's the best way to recreate field names for languages in TB?

    Multiterm doesn't allow either language code or language field name change, Glossary Converter allows to easily change language codes, but not the field names.

    As I found that's the field names that prevent different TB's entries to be shown along with the default one (if they differ between the currently default and all the other active TBs).

    Even if field names are 'Chinese' in one TB, and 'chinese' in the other - they won't show targets simultaneously.

    So is it the only way to recreate the TB with the appropriate field names (i.e. to perform export and then import into the new TB with correct field names, the same with the default TB's)?

    Or is there a simpler way of doing this?

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