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Term recognition not working in Trados Studio 2021

Dear All,

I have recently (since the last update i.e. SR1?) noticed that term recognition has abruptly stopped working in Trados Studio.

I can literally search for a term in the linked Multiterm termbase and find it, but when I go to the segment with the exact same term in it, it is not found.

Exporting the terms, making a new termbase based on the old termbase and then importing the terms makes zero difference. The new termbase is also useless.


- Terms are clearly being found in an F8 search

Versions used:

SDL Trados Studio 2021 SR1 -

SDL Multiterm 2021 SR1

Fortunately, I don't use Studio as my main CAT but this is still unacceptable.


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  • "Term recognition not working" is a long-standing issue that has never been fixed. Indeed, I don't think it ever will be, until RWS decide to switch to a more modern underlying technology. Currently, MultiTerm termbases are based on ancient Microsoft Access database tech. 

    Just search the RWS Community on "Term recognition not working" and you will see that it is a story as old as time. This is a real shame since other than this one (REALLY ANNOYING!!!) problem, I think Trados Studio 2022 is really starting to shine.