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Importing Massive MS Word Glossary into Multiterm

Hi all! I'm a newbie, and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works.

I have a lot of things I want to do that seem like they might be pipe dreams, but I figured I'd ask here. The biggest issue I'm having: I have an absolute mountain of data that I would love to leverage with alignments, TMs, and the termbase. But obviously none of the material was created with RWS tech in mind, so for example...

I have a Word document with 20,000 terms and definitions that would be swell to import into Multiterm somehow, but I don't know any way to get it into Excel format that would separate the terms and definitions from each other. Any ideas? I know I could theoretically create an empty termbase and manually add each term as I work, but... there's just too much!

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  • Just to clarify, I have two separate files: one EN and one JA.

    To turn a face-up ongoing scheme card face down and put it on the bottom of its owner’s scheme deck. See rule 701.26, “Abandon.”

     そのカードの相棒能力の条件が満たされているなら、クリーチャー・カード1枚をゲームの外部から相棒として選ぶことができるようにするキーワード能力。相棒を選んだなら、ゲーム中1回、そのプレイヤーは{3}を支払ってそれを自分の手札に加えることができる。rule 702.139〔相棒〕参照。
 this right? ^^;

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