TRADOS STUDIO 2022 Term Recognition NOT working correctly ?

Confirmation Statistics in Trados Studio 2022

I have already reported that, in the Files view Studio 2022, the Confirmation Statistics is wrong since some changes was made in Studio 2022 from the Confirmation Statistics being in Words to being in Segments.

I am posting again as I realized that the Confirmation Statistics is wrong in all cases

  • When I want to see, as I used to and prefer to, the Confirmation Statistics in Words it is obviously in error as the Files view Confirmation Statistics was changed to Segments 
  • Screenshot of Trados Studio 2022 showing incorrect Confirmation Statistics with 27 segments Translated and 25 Not Translated, displaying 50% instead of 51.9%.
  • When I want to see the Confirmation Statistics it is also in error with respect to the Files view showing the Confirmation Statistics in Segments?

The example below shows 50% in the Files view with 27 segments Translated and 25 segments Not translated, which is actually 51.9%, which means that Files view in Studio 2022 (changed by default to Confirmation Statistics in Segments) is also an incorrect indicator.


Screenshot of Trados Studio 2022 with a different view of Confirmation Statistics still showing the incorrect percentage of 50% for the same number of segments.

I wish to see this very inconvenient change made in Studio 2022 being reversed in the next update, back to where it was in Studio 2021 and before for the last 10 years.
I work and get paid by Words, not by Segments and this is the metrics I should see in Studio 2022 

See what it is correctly done in Studio 2021 below

Screenshot of Trados Studio 2021 correctly displaying Confirmation Statistics in Words with 47% for the same project, indicating the error in Studio 2022.

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