Enabling Automated Translations for localized elements (numbers) in Trados Studio 2022

I am setting up a project in Trados 2022 with many numbers which need to be localized for French. I want to lock the segments with numbers to exclude them from translation and word count. However, Automated Translation doesn’t seem to have been enabled, and localized numbers only show in the target column when you click on the specific segment.

Screenshot of Trados Studio interface showing a list of segments with numbers. The 'Apply automated translation' option is grayed out and not selectable.

In the settings, the option ‘Apply automated translation’ is not clickable (screenshot below).

How can I enable AT to show localized numbers in all target segments?

Screenshot of Trados Studio 'Create a New Project - Batch Tasks' window with 'Apply automated translation' checkbox disabled under 'Pre-Translate Settings'.

Generated Image Alt-Text
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