Tridion Docs 15.1 well and truly released!

Tridion Docs 15.1 well and truly released!

Today we officially launched Tridion Docs 15.1, with many new capabilities, and enhancements for all our customers

We have been talking about the new features for a while, and some customers have already seen demos! But today was the official go-live, with PR, social media, and a gorgeous new web page. Here on the community page, I wanted to collate some more detailed info on the new release, including writeups and presentations by the product team.

Starting with the editorial side of the product, the big new capabilities are:

Reuse and productivity metrics, in the core product

As a content team manager, would you like to see what proportion of content you’re reusing, maybe to reuse more? The new dashboard shows you how you’ve been doing over time. It also estimates how much you’ve actually saved! That can be useful to show upper management or other teams. And it also gives you a view of publication outputs over time.

See how reuse is calculated in A guide how to understand Tridion Docs’ new Reuse Metrics .

Help to polish your writing

The AI-assisted Draft Companion feature acts as a second pair of eyes, to improve your content’s readability score, help you summarize (great for DITA shortdescs!) and more.

Not sure about AI help for your writing? See  Help! My coworker is an AI for how it can help rather than challenge your work.

For more about how Draft Companion works, see  Draft Space in Tridion Docs 15.1: Confidence and Power with GenAI (where you’ll also see the new condition builder in Draft Space, which brings a beautiful simplicity to conditionalizing content).

A hub for your work on publications

Do you remember when there’d be a whiteboard in the tech pubs office, listening the ongoing projects, and who were the key people on them? We’d check off our respective jobs as they were done, and the person in charge of the publication as a whole could see at a glance how things were going.

That experience is the starting point for the new Publication Hub in Organize Space. Key users can see their ongoing publications and jump straight from there into the tools to author, to review, or to kick off translation. The workflow is flexible as you’d expect, to fit the real-life complexity our customers face. And the API behind Publication Hub is also a great integration point for external tools.

Learn more here:  Let's Make Your Work Easier: Meet Publication Hub! 

The new REST API — friendly, quick, and ready to try

Since the launch of Organize Space in Tridion Docs 15 last year, we’ve been using the new API internally and gradually extending it. In Tridion Docs 15.1, we cover many of the key cases that customers have used with the previous SOAP web service over the years. And we welcome customers to start using it!

Start diving in here:  Does Tridion Docs have a RESTful API?  

And more…

On the content manager side of Tridion Docs, we’ve also enhanced many areas in response to customer requests (such as on the  Tridion Docs Ideas  board.) Here are some of them:

  • Friendly display names in all tools​
  • Where Used dialog in desktop client tools​
  • Full testing against oXygen Author/Editor 28 and XMetaL 18​

Publication Manager:​

  • Sorting resources alphabetically​
  • Selecting output format dialog – list view​
  • Enabling Draft / Review Space copy link ​
  • Smart Tagging ​

IT / admins:​

  • Easier upgrades: XML Settings​ get updated automatically
  • Platform support: .NET 8, Java 21, and Solr 9.4.1​

Tridion Docs Genius: something really new for the users of your content…

Are any of these true for you?

  • You need to deliver content to a certain audience but don’t want to build a portal yourselves (or can’t face maintaining it, at least?)
  • You’ve looked at existing portal options but feel they’re just like scrolling manuals on the web (with a search on top)
  • You’ve looked at AI chatbots but aren’t sure you can rely on them for your mission-critical information?
  • You’ve taken time to structure your content nicely and tag it up, and feel there must be a way for end users to get more value from that careful tagging?

Tridion Docs Genius is a polished content delivery portal with a trustable AI chat and a new way to get users to their goals. It’s configurable with your branding and is a cloud service, so updates with added functionality are frequent and painless.

Here’s a piece about the thinking behind Genius: Where Content Clicks. And here’s a blog post with a feature list and a video that shows more detail: Introducing Tridion Docs Genius: The AI-Powered Knowledge Hub . 

Next steps: webinar and demo, and “get in touch!”

In a launch webinar for Tridion Docs 15.1 Chip did a great demo, and I introduced the various features — sign up to see the recording here: What’s New In Tridion Docs 15.1. On that page you’ll see also a “Get in touch” button to find out more, or if it’s easier, contact your account manager or RWS Professional Services to discuss your upgrade.