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Studio randomly shuts down

I'm using Studio 2017 and it randomly just shuts itself down without any warning. Poof and it's gone.

It doesn't happen when I'm doing a certain task in particular, just whenever it fancies apparently.

Can someone tell me why this may be happening and how to rectify it if possible?

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  • So, another problem falls between the cracks.

    It looks like a problem exists, and Studio -- as it is coded -- is not providing the information needed to isolate the problem.

    One might even say that the real problem here is Studio's failure to provide the information needed to convince someone to open a ticket and investigate the problem.

    This might be a silly idea, but couldn't a support engineer work with a small number of beta users like Ali and give them a special version of the program that provides better information for debugging purposes?

    It might take several versions to zero in on the problem, especially since it can't be reproduced at will, but without additional information I can't see how bugs like this can be handled.

    The alternative is to let it fall between the cracks and hope that it disappears by itself someday -- which appears to be what is happening.