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Studio randomly shuts down

I'm using Studio 2017 and it randomly just shuts itself down without any warning. Poof and it's gone.

It doesn't happen when I'm doing a certain task in particular, just whenever it fancies apparently.

Can someone tell me why this may be happening and how to rectify it if possible?

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  • Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, until now, I could never find the time to complete all those steps. I can say that disabling Match Repair seemed to have fixed the problem for quite a while. Today I was working on a project where I loaded an old TM with Match Repair on and Trados Window disappeared from the screen in front of my eyes once again without any warning.

    Please consider that, if one is not present in front of the screen when this happens, it is easy to think that there must have been some other cause, a wrong key press or something similar that caused Trados to close. It is likely that many experienced similar problems but, once Trados recovered from an autosave version, they did not enquire further.

    I can try to send you my log files, but I am not sure how to proceed, considering that there is no error message of any sort of my screen, and I am not in a condition to stop my current project and wait for instructions now.

    Can you please let me know if there is a quick way to extract and send you the relevant files, for next time?

  • Hi Luca,
    Before SDL experts reply, you can begin with checking the 'Yes, I want to join and help make Studio even better' option on the Help tab, Customer Feedback. However I am not sure what this option do. In my lay understanding, it somehow sends failure details to SDL. (Would appreciate if they explain.)