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Studio randomly shuts down

I'm using Studio 2017 and it randomly just shuts itself down without any warning. Poof and it's gone.

It doesn't happen when I'm doing a certain task in particular, just whenever it fancies apparently.

Can someone tell me why this may be happening and how to rectify it if possible?

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  • Hello

    We are not trying to say that Match Repair is not at fault somehow, but it is difficult to pinpoint an issue when this affects a limited (that we are aware of) amount of users.

    A number of users who have contributed to this thread, also contacted support (who then performed a remote WebEx support session).

    The results were, that in one case there was an issue with the installed .NET. In two further cases the issue lag with an OS that was not updated and either an update or reinstall seems to have solved the problem. A further case saw a conflict with a plug-in.

    Other logged cases with support were resolved when full admin rights were made available to the user.

    We do not know at this stage if the users are still using Match Repair or not-so we can only assume the issue is fixed and would invite @  and @  to log a ticket (referencing this thread).

    Anything we can do to try and get to the bottom of this is surely going to be welcome from all involved.