Search and find tags or filtering for tags in Studio editor view


how I can find tags or filtering for tags in Studio editor view? Because in some segments there are tags that needs special attention. For now I have to scroll slowly throw the hole file to find them, but maybe there is a better way.

I'm using Studio 2011, 2014, 2015. I didn't find a option, a function or something like that. In the old Trados 2007 TagEditor there was the possibiliy to find text in tags. This is what I need in Studio too.

Is this possible and I just know nothing about it?


  • Hi Mirko,

    It's not possible out of the box, but you can do it with at least one of the apps on the AppStore.  So here I seareched for the word "size" in tags in the source and as you can see this returns all the segments containing tags with the text "size" in them.

    You can double click the segments in the results window and will be taken to the appropriate segment.  The app you need for this is the "Integrated Search Views" app:

    You can dock it into any location in Studio so I just added it to the TM results location as an additional tab so it's simple to get at when needed.  It's also better to have it somewhere you can extend the size of the pane to get at all the options when using the Filter.

    Hope that's what you needed?

  • Hi,

    Similar problem - I want to filter for all segments containing a certain tag, and lock them - but Studio 2014. Am I out of luck?

    Thank you
  • Hi  hi

    I've just discovered that I can search for tags with the new display filter in Studio 2017.

    See images below...

    Searching in an xml-based sdlxliff:

    and you don't even need to include the whole tag:

    Useful for searching for non-breaking space tags:

    Also works with a bilingual .xlf-based sdlxliff:

    I thought maybe it was a fluke, only working on html-type files but it works with Word-based sdlxliffs too and even just the opening < is enough to filter these tags:

    I asked myself if I was the only person who didn't know this? Am I slow on the uptake? 

    I found this out by accident as I was searching for segments that began with a specific letter and was surprised that the filter didn't pick up the letter if there was a tag at the beginning of the segment so wondered if, miracle upon miracle, the new filter was 'seeing' tags.

    And it is!

    Don't do anything to change that, please! It is soooo useful!



  • Hi Alison,

    Tags pop up just about anywhere in the files I translate, so this could potentially be a big problem if the regular filter in the Review ribbon also started to include tags in its regex search.

    In fact, the Advanced Display Filter now seems less useful now that I know it finds tags. (Unless you are specifically looking for tags.) There is no way I know to search for something with regex when a tag might unexpectedly pop up anywhere.

    I would find it much more useful if there was, say, a checkbox or button to include/ignore tags. (Like the "Case Sensitive" button in the filter section of the Review ribbon).

    Best regards,
    Bruce Campbell
    ASAP Language Services
  • Hi Bruce,

    The regular filter in the Review ribbon does not see tags at all so if you want to simply use Regex without the worry of filtering tags by accident, then you can stick to that filter for regex searches.

    However, you might want to filter for All repetitions of numbers and letters combos (that may also occur in the midst of a tag) in Draft content for example and you wouldn't be able to do that without using the new filter's other features.

    In that instance, as you say, a checkbox to turn tag visibility on and off would be a great idea. I have no idea how hard that would be to program.

    As much of my work includes reviewing technical translations of jobs that have been computer-generated and often need to have tags intact and identical, source to target, before they will upload to the client's complex online software, I am delighted I can check the tags this way.

    All the best,
    Ali :)

  • Hi Alison,

    I was thinking more along the lines of, say, filtering on the phrase "hi there". Quite a few of the files I receive can have tags almost anywhere, so, for example, using the Advanced Display Filter to find "hi there" would not find "hi<tag> there" or "h<tag>i th<tag>ere", etc.

    The use of different regex functions in the Review ribbon and Advanced Display Filter was probably a programming mistake, and will likely be "corrected" sometime.

    Perhaps you could make a suggestion for improving Studio by standardising the two regex functions to include a checkbox/button to include/exclude tags.

    That way we won't end up with just one or the other filter function when they "correct" things :-)

    Best regards,
  • Hi Bruce,

    That which you describe is still possible with the filter on the Review tab as you'll see below, the tags don't feature in the search:

    The same search in the Advanced filter produces no result as it sees the tags.

    So, yes, to be able to switch the tag search off and on would be good...

    Though, unless you want to use the extra features of the new filter, you're still fine with the Review tab filter and I doubt that will change.

    They're still both present because they both have their different functions, I presume.

    All the best,


  • Bruce Campbell said:

    The use of different regex functions in the Review ribbon and Advanced Display Filter was probably a programming mistake, and will likely be "corrected" sometime. 

    PS... There is no difference in the regex functions between the two filters, they both work the same. The end result is different because the old filter was never programmed to 'see' tags and I'm guessing that it never will be, probably because of the way it was programmed in the first place.

    Is that so, ?

    Have a good evening one and all!

    Ali :)




  • Bruce Campbell said:
    The use of different regex functions in the Review ribbon and Advanced Display Filter was probably a programming mistake, and will likely be "corrected" sometime.

    Actually you're wrong!  I had forgotten about this until Ali reminded me, but I confirmed it with the developer this evening and he actually added this in after I asked him just before any more changes were locked down for the release.  So what's missing here now is an enhancement to do what you've suggested and that is to be able to explicitly say search in tags or not.

    The advanced display filter was actually built using the API for this feature and it has been opensourced... so anyone can add this (any developer anyway) and you can even check the code where you'll see it wasn't a mistake!

  • Whatever the case may be, this is something really useful, and I hope that 's request to not change anything (or, at most, add a checkbox to toggle the search in tags) will be fulfilled!

  • I completely agree that it is useful.

    But there are two problems I wanted to bring up.

    First, the difference in the regex functions in the Ribbon and Advanced Display Filter is likely to confuse people because it is not documented and certainly unexpected.

    Adding a checkbox or button would in effect act like documentation, informing the user that searching for tags is possible.

    Second, if you want to run a complicated filter, e.g. search for a specific text string, but only in "Not Translated" and "Draft" segments, then it is easiest to use the Advanced Display Filter. But that means your regex has to take into account the possibility that tags might or might not be present. (Although I don't think it is possible to design a regex search to allow for the possible presence of unknown tags anywhere in a segment.)

    If there are unexpected bookmark tags, formatting tags or optional hyphen tags in a segment, then the regex match will fail.

    If you know this, you will, of course, never use the Advanced Display Filter unless you are 100% sure that your segments do not contain any unexpected tags.

    You would be smart enough to use the filter in the ribbon instead and filter twice, once for "Not Translated" segments and once for "Draft" segments.

    So there is a workaround if you know about the difference (and confusion if you don't), but in my view having to worry about whether tags might show up unexpectedly limits the "Advanced" filter a bit.

    It would be much better use a checkbox or button to explicitly inform users that they have the option to search for tags if they want to.

    Best regards,
    Bruce Campbell
    ASAP Language Services
  • Bruce Campbell said:
    If there are unexpected bookmark tags, formatting tags or optional hyphen tags in a segment, then the regex match will fail.

    Can you mock up a small test file to prove this point?

  • Hi Paul,

    Here's a very simple Regex search that shows that the filter on the Review tab is not affected by tabs:

    another example:

    The filter on the Review tab does not see the tags.

    On the same document, with exactly the same search & regex pasted into the Advanced display filter, only the segment with  no tags is found:

    second example:

    This is because the advanced filter sees the tags as text...

    Does that help?

    All the best,

    Ali :))

  • Not really Ali... I was interested to see a more practical example where the current implementation is a problem. I agree we should add the feature to search in tags or not, but I was just interested to see a practical example of where it's a problem today. As far as I'm aware until you brought this up nobody even knew there was potentially a problem here so I'm just wondering where it might cause an issue for real?
  • Actually I take that back Ali... sorry! The HZ$ example is a very good one. Thank you.