Client Tools, Generative AI architecture, Metrics and Platform Support

Client Tools, Generative AI architecture, Metrics and Platform Support

Technical documentation leads and information architects, content authors and writers, SMEs, integrators, and administrators do you want to make your lives easier with the new features of Tridion Docs 15.1?

In an extensive bootcamp session (see below) we covered different aspects of the new Tridion Docs 15.1 that include architecture, installation, configuration, and usage of new features in a recent product release.

Content reuse is a key benefit of Tridion Docs, both to save time and effort and to improve accuracy. To help teams quantify these benefits, we added a long-awaited reporting feature with a number of out-of-the-box reports.

With the new Metrics feature Technical Documentation Leads or Heads of Departments can now measure content reuse, identify cost savings provided through structured content, and validate team efficiency and productivity by business unit.

Writers and SMEs will benefit from productivity and UI/UX updates that we bring to Publication Manager and other client tools. To collaborate more efficiently with your team, we allow system administrators to enable the sharing of a Draft Space or Review Space link for a topic directly from the desktop tool.

Another significant productivity improvement has been made in the resource list view where writers can see the resources sorted in alphabetical order – not in chronological order, as they were sorted before.

Additionally, in Tridion Docs 15.1, it is easiest to see where an object is reused and/or linked directly in the Repository or search results. This information provides a context of the importance of an object and an indication of the impact of making changes to an object.

To name other improvements for Client tools:

  • Option to tag content automatically with Smart tagging
  • Possibility to open publication in Publication Manager from Organize Space
  • Administrators will value Sign In / Sign Out feature that ensures your session is terminated, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to company working accounts
  • Condition Builder gives an option to the writer to filter a list of conditions either by condition name or value to reduce time to find the right one
  • and many others including ideas from our community portal.

Information architects will learn from the session architecture and configuration for features powered with GenAI that is Draft Companion and Genius.

Integrators and developers will learn about new extensibility endpoints in the product, which are enhanced IWrite and new IDelete plugins that will give even more flexibility for customers’ business cases like adding extra rulesets for delete action.

During the bootcamp we covered installation and upgrade aspects including easier upgrades through auto upgrade of XML settings, a new set of privileges to further improve granularity in security settings for the system as well as show the correct local time to end users regardless of the server location by converting DateTime to UTC. All this is valuable information for system administrators.

As well as modernized security and governance that is also included in the session.

Ongoing authentication, security and performance updates allow you to:

  • Use OpenID Connect for modern authentication
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Display the full username across Collective Spaces, Organize Space and Client Tools

System administrators will also learn about ongoing modernization to core code, frameworks and libraries that further improved performance and security in several areas.

The bootcamp also covers extended platform support and compatibility with the latest third-party products releases.

All this and many more in our GenAI, platform support and client tools bootcamp.

The slide deck that was used during the presentation is linked below.